Top Tips for Finding a Retirement Job

Whether you’re interested in staying busy or you need to make a little extra money during your retirement, finding a retirement job is possible for senior citizens. There are many job openings for retirees because employers believe that older workers are responsible, and they have extensive work experience. If you’re interested in taking on a retirement job, consider the following tips to help you find a position that’s right for you!

Update Your Resume

Depending on how long you’ve been retired, it’s in your best interest to go over your resume with an expert. Even though the jobs you’ve held in the past display your skills and achievements in the work force, updating your resume can make it clear how your specific skills will support and add value to the particular jobs and companies you apply to. Once your resume is fully updated, post it to online job boards that actively match older workers with employers who seek them.

Explore Temp Firms

Most temp agencies aren’t concerned with applicant age. They’re searching for an employee with a broad range of skills and experience, which many retired workers have. Keep in mind that temporary work can lead to full-time work, if that’s what you want. If you decide to seek future retirement employment outside of a temp agency, remember that temp jobs are a quick way to acquire recent employment experience to give your resume a boost.

Consider Project Assignments

If a full-time job isn’t what you had in mind, explore project assignments with companies in your area of expertise. Such assignments often provide more flexibility, and the deadlines can vary depending the scope of each undertaking. Outside consultants are valuable commodities for companies, and if your resume clearly demonstrates what contributions you can make, chances are you’ll be the right match! Also make sure to letyour potential employer know that you can work on projects on a temporary basis, which might give you an edge over younger workers. Sometimes this can lead to more regular projects if a company likes your work. Either way, you will still develop a list of respectable companies you’ve worked with as you look for future project assignments.

Living on a fixed income can be complicated as a retiree, but if you’re able to work and want to make extra money, these tips are sure to help you find a retirement job sooner than you think.

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